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Brunch at Vancouver’s Au Comptoir

Sundate with Katie

I know I just wrote about the best places to eat in Vancouver recently (read it here) but I just want to add a quick follow up to that because I really enjoyed a place my friend Katie and I had brunch in today and I have to share it with you all right away – especially those reading this who actually live here in Vancouver because it’s summer, and the days are gorgeous, and we really ought to take advantage of it by discovering new things 🙂

The place is called Au Comptoir and it’s just your classic ‘café Parisien’. I have yet to see what it’s like in the evening, but it’s certainly lovely for brunch.

Au Comptoir roughly translates to ‘at the counter’, a popular way to dine in Paris.

Au Comptoir roughly translates to ‘at the counter’, which kind of gives you an idea of the very relaxed, fun and convivial atmosphere of the place. Perfectly punctuated by its interiors, a typically French chic mix of old and new, I couldn’t help but admire the table we had, for example, which was made of iron, marble and copper. I loved it even if it was so tiny I wondered how on earth we would fit everything we ordered (no wonder they say the French don’t get fat – you can’t order a lot, haha!).

Took a photo of my peppermint tea, but what I really want you to see is the beautiful table, with its marble top and aged copper edges

Not surprisingly, you can order your usual Parisian breakfast favorites (Le Petit Déjeuner/Pain Au Chocalat, anyone?), but I’m 27 weeks pregnant and I needed something A LOT more substantial than that. So today I went for the Burger Maison Frites – probably the least French thing on the menu, but to my credit, I did top it off with foie 😀

Our French server told me I wouldn’t regret it, and i’m happy to report that he was right.

This burger was SO tasty. Simply prepared with house ground beef, caramelized onions, and raclette. I added foie for an extra $6
Katie had this excellent Duck Confit. I tried a bite of it and I’ll probably want to order this for myself next time.
For dessert on a hot summer day, sorbet!

So the next time you want to enjoy a leisurely Sunday brunch in Vancouver and are looking for a charming place with that certain brand of je ne sais quoi, go ahead and try Au Comptoir over at the Kits area – it’s that little bit of France that can add just the right amount of pizzazz to your day.



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