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Happy Two Months, Sweet Iris!

Iris at 2 months

Has it really been two months since I gave birth to our baby girl? It really boggles my mind how quickly time has flown. Though, I suppose that’s what happens when you’re just so tired and your days and nights begin to blend into one another.

Physical exhaustion, however, is just a part of it. There have been lots of other challenges for us these last couple of weeks, mostly led by the fact that my husband and I are the blind leading the blind – we don’t know what we are doing half the time.

Trying to catch up on sleep whenever we can

There was my induced labor, for example, and the recovery from my c-section. Then there was the abrupt change in our schedule (no sleep). Then there were the first few weeks of breastfeeding which…let’s just say deserves a whole other post on my blog (OMG).

What I was doing while waiting for the doctor to induce labor…eating Cunanan Ensaymada. Haha! YUM!

It certainly hasn’t been easy. But I’m sure a lot of you already knew that this is how it would be.

With her Daddy Wonderful who takes care of changing her diapers ALL THE TIME 🙂

Every time it starts to get really tough though, I think about the fact that my husband and I moved heaven and earth to have our little baby angel. That my getting pregnant was so unlikely, I pretty much held my breath for 38 weeks, because everyday it crossed my mind that I could lose her.

The very first time I laid my eyes on her 🙂
At the hospital with her very first teddy, a special gift from her Tita Alex Eduque
Almost ready to go home with our baby and all smiles with our Super OB, Doctor Anthony Ancheta who took such great care of us during our stay at Medical City.

My time may no longer be my own, and our home has been turned upside down, but to me that is a GIFT because it’s all part and parcel of having our little baby miracle, who turned out to be everything we had prayed for, and so much more.

Iris at one month

And as another sleepless night rolls in, I gaze at the face of this beautiful girl I can call my daughter,

Happy two months to our sweet, darling baby angel. We love you SO, SO, SO much!

and all is right in my world.




  1. Emilie Yupangco says:

    Iris is truly a miracle of love!!! Happy to know that you are coping well and enjoying every single minute of it!!! Enjoy her as time does really go by fast! She is truly precious! Keep posting on Iris! Looking forward to your first Christmas with her!

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